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Adam Deller   ASTRON
Arpad Szomoru   JIVE
Ben Hart   AUT
Charles Yun   REANNZ
Chris Phillips   CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science
Christopher Lorier   REANNZ
Colin Lonsdale   MIT Haystack Observatory
Cormac Reynolds   CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science
Do-Heung Je   Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
Franz Kirsten   Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy
Ganesan Rajagopalan   MIT Haystack Observatory
Gino Tuccari   INAF-IRA
Harro Verkouter   JIVE
Helge Rottmann   MPlfR
Hiroaki Nishioka    Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica
Jaehwan Yeom   Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
Jamie McCallum   University of Tasmania
Jim Lovell   University of Tasmania
John Nicholls   AARNet
Jordan Alexander   AUT
Kazuhiro Takefuji   NICT
Kenichi Harada   Elecs Industry Co. Ltd., Japan
Kerry Shores   National Radio Astronomy Observatory (US)
Leif Helldner   Onsala Space Observatory
Leif Morten Tangen   Norwegian Mapping Authority
Lewis Woodburn   AUT    
Lucia Plank   University of Tasmania
Mahmoud S. Mahmoud   AUT
Matt Luce   NRAO
Matteo Stagni   IRA - INAF
Mauro Nanni   INAF - Istituto di Radioastronomia
Michael Lindqvist   Onsala Space Observatory
MinGyu Song   KASI
Moritz Sieber   Norwegian Mapping Authority
Nicolas Pradel   AUT
Pablo de Vicente   Observatorio de Yebes (OAN-IGN)
Peter Thomasson   Jodrell Bank / AUT
Renjie Zhu   Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
Roger Hammargren   Onsala Space Observatory
Se-Jin Oh   Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
Seogoh Wi   KASI
Sergei Gulyaev   AUT
Stuart Weston   AUT
Tasso Tzioumis   CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science
Tim Natusch   AUT
Tjeerd Pinkert   Vrije Universiteit
Tomoaki Oyama   National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Weimin Zheng   Shanghai Astronomy Observatory
Yidan Huang   Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
Yong-Woo Kang   KASI
Yuta Kobayashi   JAXA
Zhong Chen   Shanghai Astronomy Observatory


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AUT News Area
Sep 8th, 2015

Joint IPENZ + AUT Lecture 2015 on the Square Kilometre Array (SKA)
The SKA Project continues to fascinate and challenge scientists, industry and astronomers.  

Latest Publication

Kadler M, et al., Gulyaev. S., Natusch T., Weston S., et al. (30 co-authors)  Coincidence of a high-fluence blazar outburst with a PeV-energy neutrino event. Nature Physics. 2016.

Radio Astronomy, Space Science and SKA

We are the only research institution in New Zealand with this research profile and were largely responsible for providing the basis for New Zealand to join the multi-billion dollar SKA project.